Saturday, November 17, 2012

The second day of ULead was super busy, super fun, and super amazing.

We started off the day using our creative side. We made “Happy Diwali” cards for an elderly home that we were going to visit later in the day. We walked around saying “good morning” to our new friends, finished our team banners, and worked on our health module poster. The health module poster had to be finished as we were going to the elderly home to teach them about brushing their teeth, oral rehydration therapy, nutrition, and burns and protection. After a delicious south Indian breakfast, the students practiced and perfected their presentations.

Working on Diwali cards and presentations.

Having fun being creative.

Team Air's banner.

Putting the final touches on the team banner. 

Happy Diwali! 

Working on the Diwali cards. 

Team Earth works hard on their dental hygiene presentation. 

Diwali card making. 
Happy Diwali! 

Happy Diwali! 

Oral Hygiene 

Team earth Banner
Team water banner
Breakfast time

Yummy south Indian breakfast. 

Dosas for breakfast.
Happy Diwali!
Happy Diwali!
Happy Diwali! 
Then, we left for the Manav Seva Sangh elderly home. The bus ride was around thirty minutes away and some vans had dance parties, played games, and spent more time with their teams. When we arrived, they were all gathered and sitting in the same room. Their faces lit up when we walked in. They laughed and smiled when we greeted them, and passed out our “Happy Diwali” cards and chocolates. They wanted photos with every student, and wanted to know a lot about us.

Off to the Manav Seva Sangh elderly home. 

Beginning the presentations. Listen up! 

Burn care and prevention
Oral Hygiene 
After the students went around talking for some time, the presentations began. The audience was intrigued and asked questions about what the students had to say. From denture care, to curing dehydration, to healthy foods, to burn care, the students gave informative presentations with helpful health care tips. 

When we returned to the school, we had a filling lunch and quickly went to the first breakout session of the day, which could include service, leadership, fundraising, and awareness. So, whichever sessions the participants did not go to yesterday, they went to today.

After the sessions, everybody went to listen to one of our guest speakers, Hannah Dobie. She talked about her involvement in Operation Smile, which started early in her life and has brought her half way across the world from her home in the United States to India. Currently, she is taking a gap year between high school and college to work at the Operation Smile Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre in Guwahati. It was truly an inspiring presentation. One of the high lights was the exercise when we all wrote down our biggest dream and what was keeping us to reach it, then we tore the piece of paper that had what was keeping us from reaching our dreams on it into littles pieces while screaming as loud as we could. That really taught us that nothing stands between you and your dream. Hannah leads the way (by smiling and laughing) to make a difference and really shows us what Operation Smile and leadership is all about.     
Hannah Dobie speaking.
Writing down their dreams and what keeps them from reaching them. 
Then, the second and last breakout session of the day began. The presenters did such a great job informing students about how to do Operation Smile service, how to be a good and professional leader, how to have a successful fundraiser, and how to raise awareness the right way. ULead Mumbai 2012 “Make A Difference” is guaranteed to inspire thirty students to go back to their schools, support Operation Smile, and be leaders within their communities.

Leadership breakout session 
The coffee and tea break gave the students time to get pumped for the team games. The first team game was to draw an Operation Smile logo the fastest out of pieces of paper. Then, we played the human knot. Teams tangled themselves up and whoever untangled themselves the fastest wins. The third game involved lots of teamwork. Four people made a circle while another 4 people made a circle inside the bigger circle. The teams had to travel in between cones and whoever crossed the finished line first won. Finally the last and most messy game involved water. Teams created a line, and could never look at the person behind them the whole time. The first person got a cup of water out of a big bucket and then poured the cup into the cup behind them without looking (whoever had the most water in the bucket at the end of the line won). Earth, wind, air, and fire competitively fought to win each game (but of course, we all had lots of fun).
Team Earth!  
Team Air!  
Team Fire! 
First game. 
The second game: Human knot.

Third game.

Third game.

The winning team celebrates.
Fourth and final game!

The water game.
Water game.

Spilling water over your shoulder. 
The bucket at the end of the "assembly" line. 
What a great second day! Unfortunately, the third day of ULead Mumbai has been cancelled due to political reasons. Regardless, the conference was so much fun and inspired so many students to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We hope to see these participants at ISLC in Norfolk this summer and cannot wait to see where their involvement with Operation Smile takes them.


Hannah Dobie and Olivia Linderoth
Getting ready to pass out the t-shirts (which were so creative and cute).